About Accrete.AI

Most of the world’s information was created in the last few years and most of that information is unstructured in the form of text, tweets, videos, images, blogs, etc. IDC estimates that by 2020 we’ll be generating data at the rate of ~1.7mb/sec for every human being on the planet. In fact, the rate of growth of information continues to exceed our biological processing abilities. The consequence of this for investors is that it’s becoming harder to make sense of the factors that drive markets. Acting upon partial understanding of vast quantities of information (i.e., heuristics) infuses investment decisions with cognitive biases. In order to beat markets, humans need to augment their reasoning capacity, consider the relevance of more information, and make bias-free decisions.

At, our vision is to help investors generate returns by training machines to think in the language of a variety of domains that affect markets. We train machines to reason and learn helping human investors better forecast asset volatility, measure sentiment more accurately and model scenarios based on historical contexts.


Knowledge and Annotation intern

September 2019 New York City, NY
“The work culture was fantastic. We worked and joked all around the office and played Table Tennis when tired.”
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