Alameda County District Attorney's Office

About Alameda County District Attorney's Office

The DA's Office prosecutes criminal and specific civil cases on behalf of more than 1.5 million residents in Alameda County. Our jurisdiction covers over 800 square miles, and we operate 10 offices throughout the county.

The Office is staffed by approximately 150 attorneys, each of whom is dedicated to ensuring that justice is served on behalf of the residents of Alameda County. The Inspectors Division of the Office consists of approximately 60 experienced peace officers whose work experience spans law enforcement agencies throughout the greater Bay Area.

The Administrative Division of the Office is the first point of contact for victims, witnesses, and members of the community. The administrative staff provides high-level assistance in planning, managing, and organizing operations in each of the branch offices, including reception, finance and forensic accounting, paralegal support, information technology, and communication.

Our mission is to review and prosecute criminal violations of the laws, to protect consumers and the environment and to support and protect victims of crime within the County on behalf of the people of the State of California.

The District Attorney is mandated by the California Constitution and the Government Code to review, charge and prosecute criminal violations of the laws of California. The District Attorney’s Office brings actions on behalf of the People of the State of California.

In addition to prosecuting criminal matters, the District Attorney’s Office has the responsibility of, but not limited to:

--Prosecuting actions in the Juvenile Justice system involving conduct that, if committed by an adult, would be a criminal matter
--Bringing civil & criminal actions involving consumer fraud, including real estate fraud, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, medical fraud and financial fraud, and crimes committed against our elders and dependent adult populations
--Bringing legal actions to ensure environmental protection
--Ensuring victims of crime are aware of their rights, and those rights are upheld and enforced
--Arranging for crime victim support services including psychosocial services and the processing of claims to the Victims Compensation and Government Claims Board on their behalf
--Advocating for the court to order legally appropriate restitution on behalf of crime victims and the State of California-Victims of Crime Fund


Legal Assistant

May 2019 - August 2019 Oakland, CA
“While working for the DA’s office I was assigned to the Domestic Violence unit and assisted with multiple felony and misdemeanor trial cases. I really enjoy working closely with both District Attorneys and their inspectors, as well as getting to know the families we were trying to get justice for. ”
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