About Aptagen

Aptagen, LLC is a biotechnology company offering aptamer (synthetic antibody) products and services as research reagents, diagnostic and biomarker discovery tools, as well as for use in drug discovery and targeted delivery for therapeutics, and bioindustrial applications.

Aptagen has grown from a one-man operation with the help of local interns to a tight-knit developing business with clients ranging globally from research academics at top-tier institutions to BigPharma companies. Aptagen has been named as a finalist for the “Top Emerging Business of the Year” by Central Penn Business Journal. Aptamers are an emerging technology that is poised to become the next evolution in diagnostics and drug discovery. Aptagen continues to play a leading role in developing aptamer technology that will assist in the treatment and diagnosis of various diseases.

Aptagen was formed in 2004. Operations began in 2006. Aptagen is located in Jacobus, PA, a suburb of York, beautifully surrounded by Lake Redman and Lake Williams and conveniently situated off of Interstate 83. The facility is a forty-minute drive from Johns Hopkins University and Hershey Medical Center.

Aptagen, LLC is a global leader in aptamer development with over 25 years of experience generating high affinity and specifically-binding aptamers for small molecules, proteins, cells, and tissues. We produce state-of-the-art target-recognition elements for diagnostics, therapeutics, and bio-industrial applications.


Research and Development Biochemist

June 2019 - August 2019 York, PA
“I learned a variety of techniques: how to troubleshoot experiments, properly maintain a detailed laboratory notebook, exercise laboratory math skills, work one on one with clients, and develop critical thinking skills. ”
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