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About City of Seattle

The City of Seattle recognizes every City employee must play a role in ending institutional and structural racism. Our culture is the result of our behavior, our personal commitments, and the way we courageously share our perspectives and encourage others to do the same. The City of Seattle’s diverse workforce ensures employees are recruited equitably, managed fairly, are well-trained, supported, and assigned job duties to accomplish City business goals. We constantly pursue excellence to best meet the needs of our clients and ensure we are taking care of the City's greatest asset: its people.


GIS Intern

June 2016 Seattle, WA
“SCL is a great place to work at. The work-life balance is great. Unlike the stress in private companies, SCL has virtually no stress. Employees are easy to approach and very helpful. As a public utility company, things are slow and it has to be passed to many people before a job gets done. Interning at SCL is fun as my boss is very friendly and easy to talk to. The work is not very stressful and there are no hard deadlines to complete tasks, SCL understands that every employee is human and life happens. SCL puts a very strong focus on a safe environment and there is information on safety available everywhere. ”

Accounting Intern

June 2018 Seattle, WA
“Everyone I've worked with is very kind and helpful. The environment is welcoming and they want everyone to succeed.”
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