Dudley Land Company

About Dudley Land Company

Since the company’s founding in 1980, it has assembled and cultivated a group of like minded certified landmen who focus on completing projects and controlling cost. Those at Dudley Land Company know the best way to acquire new projects is through the successful completion of the task at hand. We understand the importance of having both the proper individuals assigned to a project and developing and maintaining the tools necessary to monitor cost and productivity.
Beginning in 2006 Dudley Land Company has sustained a solid presence in every major basin in the Lower 48. Regardless of your needs and region, you can count on the same quality of work and availability of tools that guarantee the transparent delivery of our services. At Dudley Land Company we work hard in our effort to continue to raise expectations of those companies who employ field landmen. Every project, whether requiring one landman or the coordination of many, receives the creative approach and attention to detail required for success.


Landman Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Houston, TX
“My coworkers were great. It was very much a community.”
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