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About Duncan Family Farms

At Duncan Family Farms (DFF), we believe our primary responsibility is to produce clean, healthy, life-giving food. As a leading certified-organic grower, we harvest thousands of acres of produce that ship directly from our farms to processors in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Some of our products include Spinach, Spring Mix Lettuce, Kale, Arugula, and Culinary Herbs. Due to our innovative programs, Duncan Family Farms has won numerous awards and is nationally recognized as a ‘showcase’ of progressive farming techniques. Recent growth has enabled the expansion of our technology portfolio as well as our technical personnel. Duncan Family Farms is based in Goodyear, Arizona, and has ranches across the United States.

We believe in a culture that is committed to the environment and community. Producing a high-quality product requires the hard work of a dedicated team, and every employee that walks through our doors learns a set of values that define our company. Our values are:

Safety – It’s our first priority

Excellence – It’s our passion

Integrity – We do the right thing

Community – We care about our people & our environment

Team – We work together, never apart

Respect – We value all of our relationships

Here at Duncan Family Farms®, we strive to farm sustainably. While sustainability is often thought of in terms of certain farming practices or ‘green activities,’ we believe there is a much larger picture to consider. For our farm to be truly sustainable, we must support our surrounding communities. Our goal is to seek solutions that mutually benefit our farm and our neighbors. As an example: we planted the first line of trees around the perimeter of the farm, primarily as a biological buffer to filter dust, odors and spray drift that could pass from our farm to our neighbors. Over time we came to realize that reducing soil erosion would be an additional benefit these “windbreaks” would create for the farm.

Certainly, our organic program lays the foundation for other sustainable practices, but it is once again just part of a larger picture. In addition to the organic practices in the field, we strive to help sustain a balanced ecosystem on the entire farm, while simultaneously reducing any potential food safety issues.

Our on-farm composting program allows us to create a food-safe, biologically-superior product that is the basis of our soil nutrient program. We strive to cultivate soils with the highest populations of the most biologically diverse organisms. Soils like this produce plants with better flavor, texture, and shelf-life that we can then deliver to our happy customers. Stronger plants can also fight off pressures from pests of all kinds like soil and foliar plant diseases or insects.

Here at Duncan Family Farms®, we pride ourselves on our culture of operational excellence. We are a team of individuals that pushes one another to achieve excellence in our daily operations and we celebrate each other’s accomplishments.


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May 2019 - August 2019 Brockport, NY
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