ESURGI is a bio-health technology early stage company. Our products include physical therapy, ACL injury prevention and medication reconciliation. ESURGI executives have built and developed successful technology companies. One of the companies in the Fortune Magazine as the World's Most Admired Companies and Forbes Fast Tech 25. Our executives also include a former medical researcher from UCLA.

About our Internships:
An archetypical internship at Esurgi is essentially a special project in the work setting. The interns will be assigned a mentor with an executive background. The intern and the mentor will develop an internship plan. This will be based on the intern educational background, career goals, and realistic (preferably interdisciplinary / team) projects within the Esurgi sphere. The plan includes objectives, success factors, and deliverables. The intern and mentor will meet regularly to review the progress and plan of the intern. Typical conversations: How would you measure this in that context? I am curious about why you did not suggest those approaches. Given these available data sources, what would be your approach to calculating that?


Talent Acquisiton

May 2020 - August 2020 San Antonio, TX
“* The experience was remote, but that was not an option under location. I enjoyed working with the team. I had a lot of flexibility with my schedule and when I met with my candidates. I liked how at the end of the internship the CEO gave me feedback on how I did and new skills to take with me to my next job. ”
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