Extend-A-Care YMCA

About Extend-A-Care YMCA

Extend-A-Care YMCA (EAC) supports families, schools, employers, and communities by providing enriching, affordable, licensed child care for children.

Vision: We are here for the community to provide a safe, enriching program for children and peace of mind for parents at work or in training. We give hope for the future of our nation and leave a legacy for tomorrow.

History: Extend-A-Care for Kids was founded in 1969 by Margaret Gregg and Marian Robertson, two volunteers elected by their church to provide support to disadvantaged citizens. Startup funding for EAC was provided by the Urban Council. Volunteers joined forces as board members, fundraisers, and unpaid staff to assist in Extend-A-Care’s development. Demand for geographic expansion became so great during the late 80s to early 90s that EAC spread to more sites in two years than it had in the previous ten.

Extend-A-Care’s primary objectives are to enhance the cognitive, social, and physical development of our children, to assist working families in becoming self-supporting, and to reduce the number of Central Texas children who fall victim to or commit crimes due to inadequate adult supervision. This year, over 3,500 children will participate in our school-year program and 900 in our summer program, forging positive and meaningful relationships with peers and adult role models as they engage in activities that boost self-esteem, promote physical fitness, and support academic development.


Group Leader

October 2018 Austin, TX
“I liked being able to go to work and it was different everyday. Every day came with new challenges and new memories. I was able to do fun projects with my group of kids as well as play indoor and outdoor games with them. I was also able to go on field trips with them every week, which was not only fun for them, but for me as well. My group of kids I had over the summer were amazing! ”
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