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Phenomenal bread
isn’t made by accident.
The story of our bread starts with local, family-owned farms in Montana’s Golden Triangle, the best wheat source on earth. We hand select only the best of the best wheat kernels through rigorous testing and strict quality standards. The most impressive specimens are sent to Great Harvest Bread Co. bakery cafes in neighborhoods across the country, where they will become the centerpiece of your favorite phenomenal baked goods.

Each Great Harvest bakery cafe mills our exceptional wheat into fresh flour every day to unlock the complex flavor profiles in each kernel. This extra step makes our products naturally delicious and nutritious. We use old-fashioned methods and simple, recognizable ingredients to complement the sweet, nutty taste of our wheat. If you are used to mass-produced bread from your grocery store, full of air and additives, the taste of our bread made from fresh milled flour will stop you in your tracks. Swing by our breadboard and enjoy a free slice. Once you taste our bread, you’ll want to bring a loaf home to share with your family.

Great Harvest has been pursuing perfection in our breads for 40 years.
We started making bread with five simple ingredients, including freshly milled, perfect kernels of wheat. That simple recipe created bread so good, it was shared by Great Harvest’s founders with their friends and family. Three decades later, our 200+ bakery cafes are proud to serve as local “Bread Heavens,” making exceptional baked goods available in their communities.

Today, we are more than just bread stores where you stop by to grab a loaf. We’ve grown to become comfortable bakery cafe destinations where you can sit and enjoy your food at every meal. Your local Great Harvest Bread Co. now serves up a range of tasty treats, including a mix of breakfast sandwiches, cafe beverages, goodies, artisan breads, hot and cold sandwiches, salads, soups, and grain bowls, all in a full spectrum of crave-worthy flavor combinations that go beyond the expected.

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real food, Made Right, By Real People
At Great Harvest, we are committed to making exceptional bread. We are a bread company first, and above all, we do bread right. That means we use simple, honest ingredients and the best baking methods rather than the fastest or cheapest way. It takes longer, but we’ve found there are no shortcuts to making exceptional bread, and that’s what we are here to do. Our approach to bread making and business has always been to do things the right way, and as our menu has grown, that philosophy extends to our other products as well.

When you order a sandwich at your neighborhood bakery cafe, you get fresh, real food, made by a real person who is happy to make it for you. The outside of your sandwich will be as good as the inside. It will be served on bread that is not just fresh baked, but also freshly made from fresh ground flour — instead of frozen, mass-produced dough. It may be the best sandwich you’ve ever tasted. On the best bread you’ve ever tasted. You may realize you’ve never had a sandwich on fresh bread before this. You will probably remember this sandwich and want to come back for another one. And another. That is why we don’t cut corners.

Stop by one of our neighborhood bakery cafes and see for yourself. We’ll save you a slice!


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