Great Lakes Coca-Cola Bottling

About Great Lakes Coca-Cola Bottling

Great Lakes Coca-Cola Bottling (GLCCB) is a proud bottler and distributor of Coca-Cola products. GLCCB manufactures, markets and delivers more than 158 million cases annually from seven bottling facilities and operates in eight states including Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky and Tennessee. We carry multiple brands in multiple beverage categories and serve over 80,000 outlets including restaurants, sporting venues, healthcare facilities, schools, convenience stores and supermarkets.

Great Lakes Coca-Cola Bottling joined the Reyes Family of Businesses in 2015, when they were acquired by Reyes Holdings L.L.C., one of the top 10 largest privately held companies in the United States. Reyes Holdings was founded in 1976 with a small Schlitz beer distributorship in Spartanburg, South Carolina by brothers Chris and Jude Reyes. In the past 40+ years, they have grown exponentially into a global leader in the production and distribution of food and beverage products – and today are one of the largest Coca-Cola bottlers in the country. They remain a family-owned business to this day.

We proudly embrace our values, as they define the virtues we instill in our people and our organization:

EMPOWER our People,
and Enable Professional and Business GROWTH
In order to WIN TOGETHER.

If you enjoy our products, you’ll really enjoy being a part of our team.


Merchandise Displayer

May 2019 Bay City, MI
“I liked the hard work and effort that needed to be put into the job. I also learned some different skills that will help me grow as an individual. ”

Production intern

May 2018 Milwaukee, WI
“The sense of cummunity.”
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