About GreenTree

GreenTree is a private equity firm specializing in real estate cross-border Chinese investment. We engage in investments with sustainable financial and social returns in China and around the globe.  GreenTree provides project identification, acquisition negotiation, developer liquidity, strata asset pricing, property management and leasing solutions. GreenTree identifies and underwrites projects risk, pricing and strategies while simultaneously negotiating with the developer and 3rd party sales rep companies.

Currently, we have several active Real Estate projects concerning distressed assets in the Shanghai area and are seeking diligent, focused, and collaborative interns who possess strong communication and business presentation skills. We are proud of our high investment-grade quality and work ethic and cater to Real Estate developers and other buy-side partners based in PRC. Our core value at GreenTree is excellence in mentorship, and we deliver that through persistent daily training of our interns collating professional expertise from diverse erstwhile Real Estate projects and sectors, including but not limited to client calls, understanding RE fundamentals, designing cutting-edge industry memos, and modelling complex deal structures. We also firmly believe in transparency and flexibility, and that pertains to the diversification of responsibilities across marketing, outreach, modelling, and analysis roles on this rotational internship.


Finance Intern

May 2021 - July 2021 Shanghai, People's Republic of China
“I liked the fact that I had a lot of control over the decision-making process and I was free to use my intuition to make decisions. ”


May 2021 - July 2021 Malang, East Java
“Challenging projects and great supervisor”
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