Heal the City

About Heal the City

Heal the City Clinic is a medical mission providing free quality urgent medical care and referral services with compassion and dignity to the uninsured of our community. Our vision: to provide for the medical needs of the uninsured while connecting them to the existing health community To share Christ's love and hope with patients and volunteers alike.


Language Translator

August 2018 Amarillo, TX
“Heal the City does a great job in helping out the community. Not only do they provide excellent healthcare to people of lower income and people that simply can’t afford healthcare but they also take part in educating them about the lifestyle that has gotten them there. They don’t allow language barriers to get in the way of providing this help, and get people such as me to translate. I love being able to be in an environment where everyone that is there cares about these people’s well-being. It helps restore my faith in the world knowing that although there’s so many things going wrong, there are people that are trying to make it a better place.”
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