Huron Consultants

About Huron Consultants

Huron Consultants values integrity, honesty, and teamwork. We have carefully recruited the best personnel from the fields of industrial, environmental, construction, chemical, and civil engineering, as well as, geology, and biology in order to create a company with diverse disciplines, talents, and values to meet the needs of our clients.
Our company is successful working with regulatory agencies to obtain municipal grants to aid with project funding. In addition, we are experienced in obtaining permits from local, state, and federal regulatory agencies.
Huron Consultants seeks to minimize and control costs through intensive consultation with our clients, a focused scope of work, and the implementation of the best technology, innovative design, and operational techniques.



February 2017 Laramie, WY
“Huron Consulting Group has given me the opportunity to succeed in a place other than the classroom. They are very flexible and understanding that school comes first. They gave me independence and allowed me to take this internship to the level I wanted. They have provided me with professional skills that could not be learned in the classroom. I have learned so much about consulting and IT, and I now certainly have developed skills that will make me a better future employee. ”
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