Independent Book Publishers Association


November 2018 - June 2019 • Manhattan Beach, CA

What I liked

The small office setting allowed me to get to know everyone better which made it easier to make professional relationships. Everyone in the office was extremely helpful whenever I had a question and they would also take time to teach me both basic skills as well as the more complicated tasks. The things I was taught will become useful in any future job, such as Excel and HTML. I also enjoyed most of the tasks I was assigned because they relied on the reading and writing skills I learned as an English major. I also learned a lot about the book publishing world and the book world in general through the projects the company took on. As an intern here I helped everyone in the office with their own specific tasks so there was variety in what I learned as well as different types of work throughout my time on the site.

What I wish was different

Although there are different types of work, there would be days I would do the same project. I wish I would split task throughout one day to have a break from the larger project.


I would advise future interns to grow more comfortable in their reading skills and to learn to pay close attention to every project. Some tasks that I was asked to do was to look over something for any mistakes so I had to pay close attention to everything I was reading/seeing.
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