Jackson County Health Department

HIV Care Connect Intern

May - August 2019 • Murphysboro, IL

What I liked

The HIV Care Connect team is super knowledgeable and understanding, to me (an intern), their clients and those who had any types of questions regarding HIV/PReP.

What I wish was different

Nothing really. I was able to gain both in office experience (doing write ups, helping get projects in order) and client experience (meeting with clients, sitting in on doctor/case manager phone calls).


Ask questions! If you don't understand something, ask for clarification (this applies to all internships, not just Care Connect). Also, going off of asking questions, ask if you can be involved in projects/client meetings. Most clients are super understanding, they get that you are there to learn and gain real world experience. The Care Connect team also knows that that is what you are there for and they are always more than willing to involve you in meetings/projects to help you gain the much needed experience.
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