Kootenai Health


August 2016 • Coeur d'Alene, ID

What I liked

people I work with, policies based on EBP, new equipment, the schedule I have, the location of the hospital, pay is pretty good.

What I wish was different

better benefits. can only go to KH places: IE Kootenai Health Urgent Care, Kootenai Health Family Practice, etc if you want to be in network. And, it's a lot of money to pay in benefits, even when you still have considerable co-pays and other expenses you pay after insurance coverage.


make sure your boss knows the FTE you are working under. have heard of other co-workers working more FTE than they had to since the boss "didn't know". Also, if you get your BSN, make sure HR gets a copy of your transcripts immediately upon completion- have heard of pay not getting increased as it should right away.
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