Lori's Hands, Inc.


June 2018 - July 2019 • Newark, DE

What I liked

My favorite part of my internship was that I felt like apart of the community. My clients at Lori's Hands taught me so much about themselves, and even myself. As a young adult, my experienced gave me insight into many different lifestyles. Although I was initially most interested in my client's medical issues, I found myself captivated in their work, passions, and hobbies as well. Working with Lori's Hands was incredibly rewarding.

What I wish was different

I wish I was able to build a mutually beneficial and strong relationship with all my clients. I did bond with many of my clients on a personal level but not all. That would be the one thing I would go back and try to change.


This experience was extremely valuable. I would advise for the next interns to really try to develop strong relationships with their clients. The more open and honest your relationship is with the clients, the more you can take away from this experience.
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