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About LSG Sky Chefs

It’s related to food or travel – or both – LSG Group can help make it a success.

There is a long list of products, services and capabilities to be found under the LSG Group umbrella. While we’re best known for our 70 years of experience in airline catering, that doesn’t begin to tell the story of who our customers are and what we can do for them – not only in terms of food and food-related services but across the entire reservation-to-destination travel service range.

In terms of food, we also offer retail products, menu design and a host of other innovative food-and-beverage options. Beyond that, we can design, develop and source almost everything needed to offer food service inflight, onboard or on the ground – trolleys, trays, utensils, as well as pillows, blankets, amenity kits and more.

Behind the scenes, our services run the gamut from concept creation and trend/market analysis to day-to-day logistical support — including demand forecasting, inventory control, transport management, quality oversight, security support and almost anything else needed to enhance the passenger’s experience.

At ground level, LSG Group has applied its expertise to such adjacent markets as rail, schools, health-care facilities, universities and other institutions, as well as lounge services and retail outlets.



June 2019 - September 2019 Bwi Airport, MD

Food services

June 2018 Minneapolis, MN
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