Madison Police Department

Forensic Services Unit Intern

May - July 2019 • Madison, WI

What I liked

I absolutely loved this internship, it taught me so much about the field of Forensic Investigation I'm studying. I was able to experience real life crime scenes with highly trained investigators, who were able to pass their knowledge on as we went to calls. I enjoyed being able to experience the many opportunities that came my way while I was with this unit last summer. I also was very pleased that my internship counted for 8 of my upper level credits for my degree, this helped with my progress and is allowing me to graduate on time.

What I wish was different

I wish that the internship could have been paid, it was hard on my finances to work 8+ hours a day (depending on day/week) and not be paid. This made it difficult to work later on as I was essentially present for a full work day at my internship, so to then go to work after an already full day was hard to do and schedule. I also wish that all investigators would have been willing to take me on calls with them, some of them were out by the time I arrived and did not return to the office, so there were some days I didn't go out to multiple scenes that were taking place.


Be open minded about the work and the content you will be exposed to, ask lots of questions, and don't be afraid to ask what you can do or help with (it will bring so many exciting and interesting opportunities your way)!
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