Mailgun Technologies Inc

About Mailgun Technologies Inc

Mailgun is a high-growth, developer-focused email sending platform designed to attach to customers’ applications to provide high-volume email automation.

Mailgun is a Y-Combinator success story that founded in 2010 and acquired by Rackspace in 2012. In of February 2017, Mailgun spun back out as a standalone business focused on profitable growth. Mailgun is headquartered in San Antonio and has remote teams in San Francisco and Austin. The platform serves customers like Slack, Github, and Reddit, all of which rely on Mailgun to deliver email services for their core business needs.


Our Culture

The only thing that surpasses our laid-back culture is our get-shit-done attitude.
Here's a quick quiz to see if you fit in:

1. Do you like to drink Topo Chico... like a A LOT of Topo Chico?
2. Does fluorescent lighting make your eyes bleed?
3. Do you agree that what you wear has almost nothing to do with your job performance (just wear something)?
4. Do you believe in meritocracies and well-timed jokes?
5. Are you ready to go the extra Mail?


Our Full-Time Employee Benefits

-5+ weeks PTO (treat yo'self)
-100% Dental, Medical and Vision coverage for employee
-50% Dental, Medical and Vision coverage for dependents
-Mailgun contribution of $250 for every 1% of earnings that you contribute to the 401(k)
-Flexible spending accounts
- Health savings account
-Parking and transit accounts (San Francisco)
-Life insurance 1x annual salary


Human Resources

May 2020 San Antonio, TX
“I had a lot of autonomy on my projects and my manager and team were great. I loved every minute of it! ”
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