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About McKendree University

As the first university in Illinois, McKendree has a rich history and a very promising future. We are committed to excellence in all things we do. As a private, independent university we are committed to providing a personalized education that allows students to reach their full potential.

McKendree is recognized nationally as one of America’s finest universities. We offer a level of high quality undergraduate and graduate courses taught by exceptional faculty. We provide an educational experience that integrates the values of the traditional liberal arts with the skills needed in preparing for a career or graduate studies.

Our students find McKendree to be a place that is academically rigorous, socially stimulating and where graduates earn a highly respected degree and go on to achieve exceptional success. We are very proud to note that 97% of our graduates are in graduate school or fully employed within six months of their graduation.

Recent university accolades include having the Illinois faculty member of the year, a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship winner, saluted for being a university in the top 10% nationally, honored for having superior debate and athletic teams and respected for our outstanding music programs. One national publication describes McKendree as being “one of higher education’s greatest success stories of the last decade.”


Student Ambassador

September 2017 Lebanon, IL
“I liked working with families and giving them tours around campus”
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