Mental Health Service Corps

About Mental Health Service Corps

The Mental Health Service Corps (MHSC), is a cornerstone of Thrive NYC, with a mission to increase access to mental health services where most needed, introduce and accelerate adoption of better practices in those settings, and help build a future mental health workforce that partners with communities. MHSC is a first-of-its-kind, innovative approach to both driving change in specialized behavioral health settings, as well as in advancing change towards integrating behavioral health in other settings, such as primary care. It places over 300 full-time, early career Masters- and Doctoral- level behavioral health clinicians (BHCs) in primary care (PC) and behavioral health settings (BH) (e.g., mental health clinics and substance use programs) in these roles in underserved areas, thus also promoting a more diverse, and appropriately skilled workforce that matches the kinds of models of care and roles for providers in the communities that are at the heart of Thrive NYC.


Family Service Caseworker

March 2019 Reno, NV
“I actually am working with renovation mental health services but it didn't offer that selection. I love my supervisor, Amanda Nielsen, and I've gotten great mental health v experience there. ”
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