National School Project

About National School Project

NSP equips college students and young adults to mentor the leaders of a Christian club over the span of a year. These Campus Mentors develop close relationships with the students, pray for them, and invest in their lives. They also take students through a training curriculum using our Outreach Guide that is customized for each school depending on their needs and goals.

Campus Mentors are the defining element of our ministry model. We not only provide training and resources for students, but our Campus Mentors provide on-going personal support to them until they are successful at accomplishing their outreach goals!

NSP never takes over clubs or forces clubs to do anything. We will not lead the mission for them. Students are put in the spotlight and take charge of reaching their school!

Students develop their own goals for their school. Students select their own strategies. Students run their own club meetings. Students organize their own events. Students request and coordinate their own guest speakers.

It is our joy to develop a new generation of Christian leaders who are courageous, filled with conviction, and long to serve the Lord with their whole heart.


Student Leader

August 2018 Biola, CA
“Getting to see the effects of training and mentorship come to fruition in the growth of students' lives on high school campuses for the gospel.”

Summer Project Squad Leader

June 2018 - July 2018 Riverside, CA
“Great opportunity to mentor Christian club leaders at public schools, even over the summer!”
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