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About Natural Resources Conservation Service - USDA

Our agency's mission is to provide resources to farm owners and land owners to aid them in conservation. NRCS employs approximately 11,500 people in its 2,900 offices, 90 percent of whom work outside of the Washington, D.C. area. NRCS operates in numerous communities across North America, working hand-in-hand with landowners and our partners to improve our natural resources. Our passion is derived from stewardship of the land and the benefits we all enjoy as a result, such as cleaner air and water, improved soil, and abundant wildlife habitat.


Pathways Forestry Intern

May 2019 Petaluma, CA
“I liked the promise of a permanent position after graduation, as well as the trust that was placed in me by coworkers to help them complete the work. I also enjoyed the interdisciplinary experience I got, as I was working with all employees, not just Forestry work. The coworkers were very helpful, and I was trusted to complete my work without someone staring over my shoulder at all times. ”
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