NAU Peak Performance Mathematics Bridge Program

About NAU Peak Performance Mathematics Bridge Program

Peak Performance is an online summer program, designed to help incoming students whose math placement is lower than desired. This can set back a student’s plan to graduate on time, so we offer this as a free service to help our students. Peak Performance is not a requirement. Students will be matched with a peer Math Coach who provides academic support during the summer.


Math Coach

February 2019 Gilbert, AZ
“I loved meeting with students over summer and hearing about what they were looking forward to most in college. I saw a younger version of myself in them and it was super fun to provide them with resources and development a close mentor-student relationship. Also, I just really love math!”

Peak Performance Math Coach

February 2019 - August 2019 Flagstaff, AZ
“I liked my team and the structure of the program, as well as the students I got to work with.”
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