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About Ohio Lottery Commission

We, at the Ohio Lottery, are proud to present to the citizens of Ohio a Lottery that brings them fun and innovative games where they can win and support great causes at the same time! Every time they play, someone wins. Last year alone:

Players Won …. $2.8 Billion in prizes
9,800+ Retailers Won …. $296.3 Million in commissions
Ohio Students Won … $1.359 Billion to the Ohio Lottery Profits Education Fund

In 1973, the Ohio Lottery Commission was created by a vote of the people of Ohio in an overwhelming margin. The following year, our first ticket, the “Buckeye 300,” went on sale that August. Fast forward to today, the Ohio Lottery offers a wide variety of fun and exciting games, such as our wildly popular “scratch-off” tickets, our draw games such as “Pick 3, 4, 5,” multi state lottery draws such as “MegaMillions and Powerball,” our games you can play while you are out and about, such as “Keno,” and you can even play a game such as Cash Explosion where you can win a chance to go on the longest running lottery TV Show game in the country! We also oversee the exciting 11,000+ Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) games at the seven racinos in the State, too. There is truly something for everyone!

Since we were established, our mission has been to contribute money to education and over the past 45 years…we have delivered.

The Ohio Lottery has provided more than $29 billion to Ohio’s education programs throughout our history!

The Lottery supports the Governor’s initiative to build strong schools, a great quality of life, and compassion for those who need our help.

Supporting education by offering entertaining gaming experiences

Investing in Ohio’s students and communities through gaming innovation

Protect the integrity of the Ohio Lottery by adhering to all legal and ethical standards of the State of Ohio
Strive to exceed the annual commitment to the Lottery Profits Education Fund by efficiently managing revenues and expenses
Offer games which are fair, equitable, and accessible to all lottery players
Build strong partnerships with retailers and the communities they serve
Be worthy of the public’s trust and respect
Support personal and professional development of a diverse workforce
Commit to responsible gambling and community outreach programs


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“I liked being able to work with experienced lawyers as an undergraduate. I learned so much while feeling like I was doing important work.”
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