Parsons Sports Performance

About Parsons Sports Performance

PSP is a sports performance facility, located in Norwood, MA. PSP offers an applied-science driven approach in the pursuit of elite level performance.


Assistant Sports Performance Coach

January 2023 Norwood, MA
“I started as an intern in January 2023. I transitioned into it being a part time job within the first few months. There is a tremendous atmosphere at the gym that allows athletes to reach maximum effort while training. Everybody in there has the common goal of getting better to reach their potential. The hours are extremely flexible for work and training. This allowed me to fit in my hours within my training for football. This also allows athletes to fit in training sessions around their busy schedules which includes in-season training. The managers are fantastic and are more than willing to work with every single athlete individually. They make the work environment feel more like a family than a job. They care about every employee and athlete and consistently work on improvement and development. Overall, I learned a lot about the sports performance industry and business.”
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