Positive Outcomes

About Positive Outcomes

Positive Outcomes is a well funded software & service company that focuses on helping Early Intervention Providers give the best service possible to their special needs patients and families.

Positive Outcomes whole purpose is to create an environment free of tedious, time-consuming and less purposeful tasks so providers can focus on giving their children and families the best care possible.

Positive Outcomes provides a platform for independent providers to quickly submit claims through our mobile app in a matter of minutes versus manually, which can take upwards of 50 minutes to submit.

We also provide additional resources such as payment tracking, authorization monitoring, direct deposits, tax exemptions, and liability insurance. But one of our largest value adds is that we guarantee payment every two weeks, regardless of when Medicaid or the state reimburses the claim.


Sales representative

June 2019 Provo, UT
“I liked the flexibility and the office environment.”
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