Procter & Gamble (P&G)

What is the salary for an intern at Procter & Gamble?

Depends on what department you'll be working in... If you're in data analytics, approximately $30/hour. You may be able to negotiate the compensation higher or receive a relocation stipend as well.
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What should I know before accepting my spot in the Student Development Program at P&G?

I expect the requirements haven’t changed much since my time but they key for P&G was that you are advanced with your flight training (working on or around the commercial) however, still have time after the program to return to ERAU and pass on your experience. In corporate aviation we look for t...
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Why did you decide to pursue a career in marketing?

When choosing to pursue any kind of career, you must consider what you derive satisfaction from. Personally, I feel most satisfied when I am able to help satisfy somebody's needs. In marketing and sales, I have the opportunity to probe at someone to figure out their needs, and ultimately deliver ...
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What does a usual day for an intern look like at Procter & Gamble?

The internship program had targets that we had to achieve to earn a certificate at the end of the tenure, so I was challenged to think creatively throughout the tenure. I was given a product to research about and try to come up with innovative solutions to market it - so I was involved in the act...
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Is the culture at Procter & Gamble "welcoming", knowing that it's a big company? Anyone have any insight on this?

P&G is a huge company and the company culture was encouraging. I learnt a lot through the experience. But mainly, since the company is huge, there would not be much of a one-on-one focus. As an intern, you must milk out as much as you can from the experience and try to stay as involved as possibl...
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What does an R&D scientist at a consumer goods company like P&G do on a daily basis?

As a R&D Scientist, your job is to improve hair care products. This could be the product performance in cleaning, shine, longevity etc. You work in an office close by a lab, where you can perform various experiments on products to identify the best product or an approach to make products. My prev...
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