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About Public Opinion Strategies

Public Opinion Strategies is a market research company specializing in corporate and public policy research, with offices in Washington and Denver. Since our founding in 1991, we have completed more than 19,000 research projects and interviewed more than eight million Americans across the United States. The projects have ranged in scope from neighborhood studies to national samples in all 50 states. Internationally, we have completed research projects in Albania, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Guam, Iraq, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, Mongolia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Venezuela, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. As our roots are in political campaign management, our research is focused on producing information that compels decisions – and then results.

Here’s who we are not: a passive participant that simply produces numbers.

We are strategic partners.
We use data to make decisions.
We don’t hesitate to have an opinion, make a judgment, and then live or die by the results.
Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, our nationwide presence is achieved through our strategically sited offices in Colorado. Eleven partners and one Vice President conduct research throughout the country on a wide array of campaigns and issues. About half of our research is conducted in the realm of public affairs – there isn’t an issue facing our country that we haven’t explored. The other half of our work continues to be dedicated to winning elections – from City Council to the Presidential level – and we’ve done so at an unparalleled success rate.

Across both political and public affairs research, as our tag line suggests, we work with our clients “Turning Questions into Answers.”


Research Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Alexandria, VA
“I liked how much i learned about the American political climate. ”
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