Regal Marine Industries, Inc.

Industrial Design Intern

June - August 2016 • Orlando, FL

What I liked

I like how I got to try all sorts of design work, including engineering and problem solving with learning adobe programs such as photoshop and illustrator, and seeing the entire production process of boat manufacturing. I really like how I mentioned I didn't prefer to stay behind a computer so I go to do a lot of hands-on work with the prototyping sewing team. I got lots of experience to try all parts of design to figure out what I liked, as this definitely wasn't a coffee fetching job!

What I wish was different

It's a bit of a drive to the location, and it is a bit secluded.


It's a bit of a smaller company and full of older people and a bit more conservative if you don't like that sort of environment. Outdoors in the shops there isn't air conditioning so just be wary and hydrate because Florida get's hot in the summer!
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