RTX (formerly Raytheon Technologies)

What will it take to do well at the Raytheon Company?

Hardwork and determination are what is needed to succeed. Always be willing to accept tasks even if you do not want to. Show initiative and show up on time. Be open and make sure you socialize.
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What are some good things to know before interviewing at Raytheon for an internship?

I interviewed with several companies at once. There were about 7 representatives that asked questions. The best tip I can provide is to familiarize yourself with the job description, desired and/or required qualifications, and the company mission. Also, make sure to ask questions. Asking question...
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How can I succeed at a company like Raytheon?

The right gear and the right attitude. With those two aspects in constant check, success is possible under any conditions.
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What's a typical day like at Raytheon for a Logistics Analyst Intern?

As with any position, day-to-day responsibilities and tasks change. Generally, one day a week will have a larger number of meetings as team members update others on their progress and the team-lead announces any relevant news or scheduling updates. Besides these meetings, you can expect most of y...
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Is there a mentorship program for interns at Raytheon; and is it a good one?

Sort of. When I was at Raytheon, they had us partake in a group lunch every Thursday. During this time, a senior engineer would speak to us, and we were encouraged to keep in contact with him/her and be mentored by them. In addition, your group members can serve as good mentors as well. You aren'...
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Would you say Raytheon is a good place to start my career, as a recent grad?

I would say so. Raytheon, for me, was not a stressful environment and it was conducive to learning a lot of new skills (especially because I had just finished my sophomore year of undergrad and was not very technically skilled, so the learning curve was high). I felt that I got good guidance and ...
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How does the day go at the Raytheon Company for a Work Plan Manager?

As a work plan manager for the Raytheon consulting project, I had to be very detailed orientated, observant and vocal. First, I had to break down every activity and record what had to be accomplished by who, when the task was created and when it is due. Next, being observant of who has an interes...
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What's it like being an intern at the Raytheon Company?

Interning is a great experience that helps you decide if you like that field or not. It is sort of like a test run of a career field. A typical day includes various tasks- usually whatever needs to be done. I started out doing more staffing type work, such as updating the openings for the contrac...
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What's an average day for a Firefighter at Raytheon?

As expected, there is not a large call volume for operations in Antarctica. We started most 24 hour shifts with a meeting between Lieutenants, our Captains and Chief which was followed by a crew meeting with the outgoing shift. Rig checks were then conducted to ensure ready status of all apparat...
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What is an interview at Raytheon like?

I suggest doing some some research ahead of time about Raytheon, technical writing, and the field. Come prepared, but most importantly, be yourself. When our group interviews candidates, we have already looked at the resume and like what we see. At the interview, we mainly want to see if your per...
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What I should know prior to an interview for a Firefighter role at Raytheon?

Conveying a strong ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with a solid background in fire and EMS is a definite plus in the interview process. Being able to adapt to ever changing conditions while remaining a positive motivational leader is key. With the slower pace of many activities...
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