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About Serur Agencies

Our niche is we work directly with labor unions and associations on their permanent insurance benefits. Here in Massachusetts we have the contracts and endorsements with the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA), the Massachusetts Police Association (MPA), the Teamsters (IBT), the State Employees (SEIU), and numerous other blue-collar local unions.


Benefits Representative

July 2021 Wilmington, MA
“As a rising senior at UMass Amherst and a recent hire at Serur Agencies, I have unique insight at the job and training process. I’ve been training full time for 3 weeks and I’m slated to get released this week. The entire recruiting process, whether it be support from trainers or encouragement from full time employees, has been nothing short of fantastic. Expectations are very clear and concise. Serur Agencies caught my eye early on in the interview process due to the expedited leadership opportunities and upward mobility. This job is for those who genuinely enjoy the grind and I look forward to getting to work. Footnote: due to Covid this job can be done virtually. I’m looking into working abroad to lower my living expenses while keeping the same income.”

Benefits Rep

September 2021 Omaha, NE
“It was a good agency!”
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