About SHO Farm, LLC

SHO Farm is a nearly 1,300 acre Agroforestry Farm, Wildlife Preserve and Duck Sanctuary. We are a "no-kill", permaculture designed forest and field mountain farm modeling how farmers and land investors can better steward large landscapes as high-performing, dynamic assets. Through our stewardship philosophy and practices, we are hope to inspire others to treat the forest as an extension of the "farm", see the inherent value in non-timber forest products such as mushrooms and nettles, to protect soils, wildlife habitat, forest-field edge, smartly manage water, sequester carbon, and support emerging crop development for the long-term financial security of working landscapes.


Duck Caretaker

May 2020 - August 2020 Huntington, VT
“The staff was super caring and motivated! I felt right at home here. I also was provided summer housing. ”
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