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Strategen was founded in 2005 in Berkeley, California. While we also have offices in Portland, Oregon and Brisbane, Australia, you can live anywhere in the US to perform this job. We are a mission-driven professional services company that specializes in impactful market development for a decarbonized grid. We strive to empower and inspire global corporations, utilities and public sector leaders to accelerate grid modernization, decarbonize the planet and improve quality of life around the world. Strategen works with global Fortune 500 corporations, utilities, governments, project developers and associations seeking to evaluate and implement next generation grid and clean energy technologies.


Redwoods Rising Apprenticeship

May 2019 - August 2019 Orick, CA
“I am so thankful and appreciative of the hands on field work we were able to conduct as a team and individually. This experience is something not many people get the opportunity to have and I appreciated every second of it. My crew of all women( 4 students and two leads) worked as the rare plants surveying crew and it was such an experience to have an all women’s crew. It proved to us and others how strong we are trekking through rugged, steep forest in the heat and rain using our knowledge on plants to find, identify, and describe their habitat for later use to better understand rare/sensitive plant communities. This data we collected is so important to the beginning of the restoration of old growth redwood forests as we are the first team to go out and survey the land before anything else can happen to it. This summer is a memory and skill set I will never forget. ”
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