The Esperanza Project

About The Esperanza Project

The Esperanza Project is non-profit organization focused on providing education and extracurricular activities to the children of the Dominican Republic.

Unlike many large organizations you will find across the internet, The Esperanza Project is a small, family run, non-profit organization run by founders and directors, Anthony and Fiona Austin. Anthony and Fiona live in Cabrera, Dominican Republic with their two daughters. Between them, they hold certifications in regular elementary education, special education, and english as a second language education. They have several years of teaching experience, as well as several years of summer camp experience, both as counsellors themselves and later with directorial positions.

The Esperanza Project was founded by Anthony and Fiona in 2009, born out of a perceived need to provide a much needed educational and extra-curricular program, giving individual students an opportunity to explore, create, and inspire, whilst empowering them to grow academically and socially, in a safe, supportive, hands-on learning environment.

The Esperanza Project is located in the quiet, picturesque town of Cabrera on the beautiful north coast of the Dominican Republic. Cabrera is a small, unique town with very little tourism infrastructure, despite having some of the most beautiful beaches in the country all within a 10 – 20 minute drive of the downtown area. Instead Cabrera obtains most of its income through cattle and other agricultural products. Along with the exceptional beaches, Cabrera also boasts home to several fresh water pools, waterfalls, rivers, and lush vegetation. Cabrera’s location on the coast means a constant ocean breeze off the water, keeping it a comfortable warm temperature year round.


Music/Dance/Drama Counselor

June 2019 - July 2019 Cabrera, María Trinidad Sánchez Province
“It was a great experience. Staying with a host family ensured that you were really able to become immersed in the culture and brush up on your spanish skills. The kids at the camp were great and enjoyed the activities. There is alot of freedom in the role and you can tailor the activities to your experience.”
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