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About The Pavlovic Today

The Pavlovic Today, an independent, far-reaching, globally-acclaimed news source in Washington D.C.

The Pavlovic Today is dedicated to providing the highest quality content and informed perspectives to our readers. Our coverage is the marketplace of ideas for independent and creative analyses on global affairs, politics, personal wellbeing, cultural trends, joy and sorrow, love and life, and everything else that makes us human as the world goes round from experts, professionals, millennials those on the ground, those who live and breathe the stories and not simply tell them.

Acting on the ever-changing news environment, we work differently than most media firms. Our team of writers and analysts, who live and work all over the world, have incredibly diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Unrivaled in the media landscape, a team of writers and analysts at the Pavlovic Today have the independence to explore any topic and voice their unique perspectives. All our content is based on facts and verifiable sources.

The Pavlovic Today was founded White House Correspondent, Ksenija Pavlovic Mcateer


Business Development Consultant

April 2020 - July 2020 Chevy Chase, MD
“I liked the start up culture and the ability to be creative ”
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