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Can someone tell me what a park coordinator does at Disney?

As a Coordinator my job responsibilities were to maintain the day to day operations of the location I worked at. I worked at a restaurant so I oversaw all cast members. I had to manage the positions of all cast members, breaks, and their well-being. I also oversaw guest interactions. I dealt with...
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What should I know going into my interview at Walt Disney Company?

Know why you want to be a part of Disney. Have stories of your own experiences with castmembers, attributes that would make you a good castmember and memories to share with the interviewer. The interview is short so be prepared to give quality but succinct answers. There are tons of tips on the i...
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What's the salary for someone in the Disney College Program internship?

Be prepared to get the national minimum wage (it was $9.50 per hour for the majority of my program until the end when it was raised to $10 an hour). However, this number does go up depending on where you are working and what your hours are. For example, I worked in Storybook Circus in Magic Kingd...
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How much work-life balance did you have as a merchandiser during the WDCP?

With the WDCP you are typically scheduled around 40 hours a week and will have two days off a week. Some weeks I had my two days per week schedule after each other, so four days off in a row. Again my schedule was very unusual so that probably will not happen to most others. Most shifts are betwe...
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What motivated you to participate in the Disney College Program internship?

I decided to apply for the Disney College Program when I first went to Walt Disney World. This was before I started college so I knew I had to wait a few years before I could apply. The business side of the parks fascinated me. There were cast members everywhere and they seemed to know everythin...
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What does merchandise associate training looking like at Walt Disney Company?

The training program for a Merchandise Employee at The Walt Disney Company is very professional and helpful. I found that between the lengthy corporate training process, mixed with the training on location I was able to get a full sense of how the company worked. It was exciting training for a co...
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What skills did you develop as a journalism major that The Walt Disney Company finds valuable?

The skills I developed as a Journalism major that employers at The Walt Disney Company found valuable was my interpersonal skills, mixed with my communication skills. I was able to build upon my knowledge I had prior to the internship.
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May seem a little different, but what are some career options within The Walt Disney Company for a business administration major?

There are more possible career paths than I can list! Disney (along with many other big companies) promote primarily from within so don't expect to get a fancy title right out of school. My advice is to apply for lower level positions that sound interesting and work your way up. Disney is a GR...
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How much work ownership will there be in an administrative assistant position at Walt Disney Company ?

It may have changed since I have been there, but Admin's are expected to take ownership of their work, how it is dispersed and to not blame others. Admins have to be VERY proactive as not all other departments or managers are forthcoming with reports or information. always follow up! Be a bulldo...
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