UCI Police Department

About UCI Police Department

In September 1947, the Regents of the University of California established UCPD as a state law-enforcement agency. The UCPD is one of several police agencies in California having a state-wide jurisdiction and authority. UCPD officers, like most California police officers, are empowered by section 830.2(b) of the California Penal Code, giving them authority as duly sworn peace officers throughout the state of California.


Community service officer

February 2019 Irvine, CA
“I really enjoy getting to work with people from my major while serving the campus community. I’ve gotten to work at a variety of locations around campus and learn a lot from the officers about their experiences, which has helped me decide what I want to do for a career after I graduate.”

Front Desk Receptionist

May 2019 Irvine, CA
“The work environment at the Police Station is, quite simply, very good. Everyone here, from my colleagues to the officers here were a healthy combination welcoming and kind which helped create an extremely comfortable, yet professional work environment.”
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