VCU Massey Cancer Center

About VCU Massey Cancer Center

VCU Massey Cancer Center is working toward a future without cancer – one revolutionary idea, one promising therapy and one life saved at a time. Through innovative research, patient care, education and community engagement, Massey is discovering, developing, delivering and teaching effective means to prevent, detect, treat and cure cancer and to making these advancements equally available to all. Founded in 1974, Massey was one of the country’s original cancer centers designated by the National Cancer Institute. It is the only cancer center in the Richmond metropolitan region and the first of only two in the state designated by the National Cancer Institute, placing it among the top 4 percent of cancer centers in the country.

Major strengths for Massey are in translating research discoveries into advances in treatment and prevention and in addressing cancer disparities to provide equal access to quality cancer care and screenings. Massey is leading the nation in establishing a 21st-Century model of equity for cancer research and care, in which the community is informing and partnering with Massey on its research to best address the cancer burden and disparities of those the cancer center serves, with a local focus but global impact.

Massey conducts cancer research at every level, including basic science (laboratory), translational, clinical and population sciences research. A key part of the research cycle is developing and conducting clinical trials that test promising scientific breakthroughs, and Massey leads Virginia in offering the largest selection of cancer clinical trials as well as a statewide clinical trials network that bring Massey’s cutting-edge trials to patients throughout the commonwealth.

Additionally, Massey provides comprehensive, award-winning cancer care with a full range of medical and support services, the highest-quality treatments, advanced technologies and a compassionate approach. Massey treats patients with all kinds of cancer, including rare and complex cancers. World-class outpatient and inpatient care are delivered at Massey at various sites across the state by multidisciplinary teams of leading specialists who collaborate to fully coordinate and customize each patient’s course of treatment. Massey boasts the state’s largest, most comprehensive bone marrow transplant program and is an internationally recognized pioneer in palliative care.

Massey also serves as a vital resource for education, offering academic programs and training for students, cancer researchers and oncology health care professionals as well as health outreach programs for cancer patients, caregivers and the community.

Our mission is to serve as a comprehensive center of excellence in cancer research, prevention and control, patient care, education and health equity. Our guiding principles are to make important discoveries about cancer and to translate these discoveries rapidly into better prevention, detection, treatment and control of cancer to equitably enhance the quality of life of all individuals affected by cancer.



July 2018 - August 2018 Richmond, VA
“I loved the people I worked with! I learned a lot about what I want to do in the future. ”
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