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How is the interview process structured for Venture for America's competitive fellowship program?

We have a three part process: The first step of the process is a straightforward application. You’ll answer your basic demographic questions, share more about your recent work and/or extracurricular experiences, upload your resume, and answer a short response question sharing why you are interest...
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Will Fellows at Venture for America be provided additional guidance through some sort of mentorship program?

VFA does offer a mentorship program that connects Fellows with seasoned professionals in the broader world of technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Like most things in VFA, it's Fellow-driven. That means it's up to Fellows to reach out to potential mentors that VFA has sourced. These ment...
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After the training period, what does it take to continue being a successful Fellow at Venture for America?

There's no cookie cutter Fellow. We look for integrity, the ability to contribute from day one, and a commitment to our mission. We also have a credo, made up of five core beliefs, which guide a lot of what we do.
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