Volunteers of America Michigan

Community Outreach Intern

September 2017 • Southfield, MI

What I liked

The department that I am working in deals with raising funds for their many programs throughout the year, since it is a completely nonprofit organization. VOA MI has many, many programs that are incredibly beneficial to the Metro Detroit community and I am honored to be a part in the process.

What I wish was different

My only wish for a difference is the mindset in which I entered my internship. I started my placement with a lot of anxiety, apprehension and uncertainty which created a nervous reaction from me . I needed more confidence, but I unfortunately tended to unnecessarily second guess myself in the process.


To realize that you're not going to know everything when beginning your placement, it is a truth that needs to be accepted. But that you are here specifically to learn, and utilize your resources at your placement to learn to your fullest potential.
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