Wildwood Hills Ranch

About Wildwood Hills Ranch

Wildwood Hills Ranch exists to transform lives and strengthen communities by providing healing, hope, and God's unconditional love to children and youth at-risk.


Success Coach

May 2021 - July 2021 St. Charles, IA
“There are too many things to list about what I loved about this job experience, but if I had to choose the main thing, it would be the fact that I had a front row seat to lives being transformed. I got to help some of the most broken and misbehaved children learn ways that they can cope, grow, and succeed in a healthy environment with people that loved them. I got to see the power of love and service, and how consistently loving and fighting for children can actually start to transform their thinking and actions. I also loved the leadership opportunity that this experience provided me. I also got to encourage other staff members and help them engage and interact more efficiently with their ranchers. I also got mentored and trained by other staff members, creating a constant learning environment for everyone! ”
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