Did you enjoy your time at Reynolds and Reynolds?

Did you enjoy your time at Reynolds and Reynolds?
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Former Digital Marketing Intern at Reynolds and Reynolds

over 3 years ago
My experience at Reynolds was incomparable. The company possessed a great reputation, while remaining people-focused. When I say people-focused, I don't mean just the employees and the clients, but the community, as well. Working the typical 8 hour day during my internship, my post 4:00 p.m. life entailed playing on R&R's intramural volleyball team, assisting with Habitat for Humanity efforts, or participating in a Happy Hour with my digital marketing team. Entering the organization, I had no knowledge of digital marketing. However, upon leaving, I knew each and every acronym, was confident in discussing social media platforms and applications with classmates and teachers, and was able to incorporate my skills into various non-profit organizations I'm a member of. The training program prepared me not for the summer's work, but for life.
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