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About Abstrakt Marketing Group

Abstrakt Marketing Group is an organization that measures success by that of our clients AND employees. Our company was built on the belief that ideas alone are not enough to bring life to a company – but action is. Each member of our team has an impact on our projects and each individual’s personality is as bold and unique as the designs, content and scripts we produce and carry out each day.

We strive to be the Number One Resource for Companies Looking to Grow Sales and we accomplish that through offering invaluable services and maintaining an exceptional team. With every company we’ve collaborated with, we have demonstrated success that has helped contribute to the strengthened strategic processes we have in place today.

Our team of hard-playing, hard-working individuals consists of designers, copywriters, editors, account managers, strategists, musicians, salespeople, quality control managers, social media managers, administrative masterminds, entrepreneurs, and unintentional comedians. We use our diverse backgrounds and skills to master the Art of Business Growth while always setting our sights ahead on continued improvement.


Animation Intern

August 2022 - December 2022 St. Louis, MO
“Abstrakt's Video Production Team is a group of passionate, unique and kind individuals who supported and welcomed me from day one. I learned something new everyday and was able to add some amazing pieces to my portfolio. I also felt valued by the team and Abstrakt itself due to this being a paid opportunity. My supervisor, Jake, was open, honest, and kind every step of the way, and truly helped to make my internship a very valuable learning experience. My position was responsible for helping to produce Custom Client Animated Videos, Marketing Collateral Videos, and Logo Animation. All of this utilized my skills in motion graphics and character animation within the Adobe Suite. I was given lots of creative freedom and was able to learn new things and put them to use as I went along. My experience was great, and I am so grateful that I got to be part of such a great team.”

Graphic Design Intern

January 2022 - May 2022 Saint Louis, MO
“I liked working with my team and learning a bit more about professionalism within the graphic design field.”
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