ACD Direct, Inc.

About ACD Direct, Inc.

ACD provides technically viable solutions to clients who need contact-based support for fundraising, live technical assistance, and other call-based services. We have developed an economical, customizable, and user-friendly product that meets your business needs. With the end user in mind, all ACD Direct solutions are designed to optimize resources, maximize efficiency, productivity and simplify processes.

ACD Direct delivers exceptional customer service, ensuring our clients have complete confidence in outsourcing. With access to over 1,200 agents nationwide, our staff is fully scalable and we retain only the best agents who demonstrate maturity and courtesy on each call. Committed to superior service, ACD Direct continually conducts analyses of daily calls and provides feedback to our clients on quality control efforts.

Our company originally began operations as Attend Communications in February 2002, working with one of the largest computer manufacturers in the country to handle returns management for their computer systems. Attend Communications then initiated a strategic alliance with CallsWithoutWalls (a proprietary pledge capture software company) to expand our businesses by improving results for eight PBS/NPR accounts previously handled by several other call centers. As a result, ACD Direct, Inc. was created in 2003 to align our efforts under one entity.


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November 2020 Oak Harbor, WA
“Everyone there was so nice and I got to do more training and learning”
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