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ACR Homes was voted a Top 5 Workplace 5 straight years and voted #1 by its employees twice. (Star Tribune). ACR provides high quality residential health care and assistance for people with disabilities in locations throughout the Twin Cities. We hire caring and dependable people to work with us in bringing the best quality of life possible to those we support while enjoying a unique and rewarding Job, Internship or Career.

ACR is committed to ensuring exceptional care for those we support and an exceptional work experience for ALL employees. We commit to be a workplace free of racism and discrimination where all employees feel safe at work and that diversity and inclusion is celebrated throughout our organization for both staff and residents.


Direct Care Professional

April 2022 Golden Valley, MN
“I have been working at ACR homes as a direct care professional for over 8 months now and absolutely love it. The care that ACR homes provides for their resident's is off the charts and it is so rewarding to be such a vital part of the resident's wellbeing. As a full time college student, ACR has always been very flexible and accommodating to my school schedule which has allowed me to balance work and school with ease. The experience I have gained at ACR is tremendous and has helped me grow in almost every aspect of my life. I hope to become a physician assistant in my future and this job has provided incredible healthcare and direct patient care experience; from medical documentation and administration to communication skills and empathy, my work at ACR has helped me grow as a person and a healthcare provider. ”

Direct Care Professional

November 2021 Roseville, MN
“I have been working for ACR Homes for over a year now and I absolutely love it. In the future I am going to physician assistant (PA) school. Working for ACR has taught me valuable skills that I will need in my future education and career. I love working for ACR Homes for a couple of reasons. First, ACR Homes provides all of the necessary training that is needed to perform the job. The training was beneficial for myself because I learned skills that I will need in the future; including CPR and first-aid. Another reason that I love working for ACR Homes is because of the residents. I have built lasting relationships with my residents that I will cherish for a lifetime. I only have positive things to say about ACR and would highly recommend the job to anyone! ”
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