Adams Family


May - August 2019 • Grand Rapids, MI

What I liked

I love working with children and worked for this wonderful family during my time at community college and for the summer before moving to Ann Arbor. I got to eat free food, use their car, and most importantly, spend time with their two young children! I was able to decide what I wanted to do everyday such as taking them to the beach, nature walks, library, museums, etc. It was so fun and it was relevant for me as I would like to work with children later on in my career. Any and all experience with children will help me to have a well-rounded skill set later.

What I wish was different

They moved away to Arizona! They paid for me to travel with them and help get the children settled into their new life but ultimately I had to come back to Michigan and they now live very far away. Attachment to the children is great until the moment you have to say goodbye!


There are so many families out there that pay well, treat you with respect and as a part of the family. Do not settle for a family that treats you poorly, nickles and dimes every single thing and in general makes your time with the children miserable. If you are pouring your heart and soul into your work with their children, you deserve to be treated well, don't forget that.
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