Adaptyx Biosciences

About Adaptyx Biosciences

We are an early stage biotechnology company setting out to reinvent healthcare by developing
the world’s first truly generalizable biosensor platform. We believe that the rapid and accurate
quantification of a large number of biomarkers will unlock new insights, and provide immense
value in health and wellness.

Our co-founders include Stanford Professors, successful serial entrepreneurs (10+ companies
combined), and have had experience working at top-tier VC firms. We are looking for
passionate, hardworking, and talented individuals to join our team and realize our vision.


Chemistry Research Intern

June 2023 - September 2023 Menlo Park, CA
“I had the privilege of spending my summer as a Chemistry Research Intern at Adaptyx Biosciences. To be truthful, I was a bit skeptical about my ability to thrive in this position as I had minimal wet-lab experience prior to starting this internship and had never worked in a startup environment; however, the Adaptyx team remained optimistic about my capabilities and always provided the necessary support to develop various technical and professional skills needed to succeed in this role. As a recent graduate, Adaptyx offered me a unique opportunity allowed me to apply my academic knowledge in a real-world setting and contribute to groundbreaking research. Aside from developing confidence in utilizing various laboratory instruments, immersing myself in various meetings and shadowing many team members helped me learn first-hand how these successful and busy professionals juggle different priorities and optimize workflows. I found great value in not being restricted to a single task; aside from running experiments on the lab bench, I for example utilized my degree in Physiology and Metabolism for continuous meetings with Co-Founder Vijit Sabnis and an endocrinologist to investigate potential biomarkers in line with the company's product. As the internship came to an end, I am happy to say I am able to continue working for the company for the time being. Not only do I feel like my time and effort was valued at Adaptyx, but I appreciate that I am able to continue contributing to the company and the science that I have grown so invested in. As an aspiring physician applying to medical school next cycle, everyone especially my supervisor and Co-founder Alex Yoshikawa has supported my career goals from the very beginning. He has connected me with other professionals and has been nothing but accommodating as I transition to the next step in my career. Adaptyx to me has offered way more than just a summer internship, and I think anyone would be considered lucky to be working here! ”

Computational Bio

June 2023 - August 2023 Menlo Park, CA
“As a Computational Biology intern this summer at Adaptyx, I gained several valuable skills at the intersection of R&D and computational methods. My main tasks involved further development of a codebase and organizing image-based backups of all servers in the company, under the mentorship of Alex Yoshikawa, the co-founder of Adaptyx. What truly excited me about the role was the opportunity to apply my bioinformatics/computational skills to real-world healthcare problems and additionally work with/learn from different sub-teams such as the chemistry and hardware teams. It was a valuable experience to work in an up-and-coming startup environment, as my tasks were very flexible and had several learning opportunities beyond my typical scope of practice. Additionally, I enjoyed the close-knit atmosphere and the constant problem-solving/development of new ideas. Being part of Adaptyx allowed me to collaborate with experts in several fields, fostering a rich learning environment and a truly rewarding experience!”
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