Adirondack League Club

AM Dining Supervisor

April 2019 • Old Forge, NY

What I liked

The ALC was my first serving job. They welcomed me with open arms and was extremely kind and patient with my training. They are wonderful at giving less-experienced workers a chance to build their skills. I worked the schedule I desired thanks to their helpful management. As I proved my solid work ethic I was given a promotion as Morning Dining Supervisor. It was an overall wonderful experience.

What I wish was different

The club has to deal with seasonality. It will be extremely busy on key weekends in the summer, such as the 4th of July and Memorial Day. But when the winter hits, the entire campus becomes a ghost town and they are closed come December. I loved this position and employer and very sad to have to say goodbye in the winter.


Old Forge, NY is a summer tourist town. It is very busy in the centralized, main street area, but very quiet in the other surrounding areas. I absolutely love the wilderness and quaintness that comes with being in the Adirondack park, but if you are more comfortable with a heavily populated urban area, this job may not be for you. In addition, the club is set back in the woods off of a secondary road, therefore, it would make your overall experience easier if you have a car. This being said, I had many coworkers who did not have a car on campus and still thoroughly enjoyed the job!
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